Thick Yarns

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Embark on a journey through the world of thick yarn with us! Discover innovative and high-quality products in this comprehensive roundup. From luxurious hand-knit sweaters to stunning home decor, we have curated a diverse selection of thick yarn products that are sure to captivate your senses.

Get ready to indulge in the warmth, comfort, and beauty that thick yarn brings to your everyday life. Explore our carefully chosen selection and find your new favorite accessories and essentials for an unforgettable experience.

The Top 5 Best Thick Yarns

  1. Chunky Pink Yarn for Knitting: Perfect for Beginners and Experts — Mainstays Bulky 100% Polyester Pink Yarn — Thick and Durable, Perfect for Easy and Attractive Knitting Projects
  2. Chunky Lichen Yarn for Home Décor Projects — Bernat Maker Knitting Yarn in Lichen, an easy-to-work-with, attractive, and chunky yarn, perfect for quick home decor projects and easy care with machine washable and dryable features.
  3. Bernat Blanket Cozy Super Bulky Yarn for Home Decor — Revamp your living space with the exquisitely soft Bernat Blanket Crochet Yarn in Coal, an ideal choice for snuggling up with cozy crochet blankets and baskets.
  4. Cloudy Day Yarn Parfait Chunky Yarn by Premier Yarns — Transform your knitting and crocheting projects with the soft, machine-washable, and bulkier version of parfait yarn, ideal for creating comfortable and child-friendly items.
  5. Extra Thick Jumbo Polyester Yarn — Teal Ivy #7 — The Bernat Blanket Extra Thick #7 Jumbo Polyester Yarn in Teal Ivy is a versatile and high-quality choice for crafting cozy, comfortable projects, with a well-constructed texture that’s easy to work with and a stunningly attractive appearance.

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Chunky Pink Yarn for Knitting: Perfect for Beginners and Experts


Introducing the Mainstays Chunky Chenille Yarn in a vibrant shade of pink, this perfect yarn is ideal for both beginners and experts in the world of knitting. With 31.7 yards of 100% polyester yarn, creating cozy sweaters, blankets, scarves, and hats has never been easier. The yarn is so thick that even large projects can be completed quickly, perfect for those who love to knit.

The thick yarn is not only easy to work with but also adds a chunky texture to your projects, perfect for bulky designs and patterns. Made of durable 100% polyester, this yarn is easy to care for and can be machine washed in cold water, making it a perfect choice for busy knitters.

One of the highlights of this yarn is its versatility, with the chunky design making it suitable for a wide range of knitting projects. The 31.7 yards of yarn ensures that you have enough to complete even larger projects without having to purchase additional yarn.

However, there are a few downsides to the Mainstays Chunky Chenille Yarn. Due to the thickness of the yarn, it can be slightly challenging to work with, especially if you’re used to working with lighter weight yarns. Additionally, the thick yarn might not be ideal for projects that require a more refined texture or stitch, such as stuffed animals or doll clothes.

Despite these minor issues, the Mainstays Chunky Chenille Yarn in pink is a must-have for any knitter’s collection. The chunky texture, comfortable feel, and durability make it a perfect choice for both beginners and experts looking to create stunning knit projects.

Chunky Lichen Yarn for Home Décor Projects


Bernat Maker Yarn Lichen is a soft and chunky tubular yarn that is perfect for creating gorgeous home décor projects. It’s machine washable and dryable, offering easy care for your creations. The yarn comes in a variety of attractive colors, making it an ideal choice for a range of projects.

Users love the yarn’s soft texture, making it easy to work with. It’s also appreciated for its minimal pilling and fuzziness. However, some users have found that the yarn may not be the best choice for intricate stitch patterns or those requiring more flexibility.

The yarn is marketed as recycled cotton and has enough nylon for added strength, which is a boon for those looking for eco-friendly options without sacrificing quality. One concern raised by users, however, is the difficulty in joining the yarn ends, which may require more effort than with other yarns.

Overall, Bernat Maker Yarn Lichen is a well-loved and versatile choice for crafters looking to create beautiful home décor items. Its easy-care qualities and attractive colors make it an attractive option, but those seeking a yarn for intricate patterns may want to consider other options.

Bernat Blanket Cozy Super Bulky Yarn for Home Decor


Introducing the luxurious and versatile Bernat Blanket Crochet Yarn, available now in a larger ball size of 600g. With its super bulky weight, this yarn is perfect for creating cozy crochet blankets, baskets, and decorative items. Its hollow fiber construction provides durability, ensuring long-lasting projects that you can proudly display in your home.

This soft and inviting yarn is easy to work with, allowing you to create a wide range of home décor projects with minimal effort. The bulky yarn stitches up quickly, making it ideal for larger projects, such as afghans and blankets. The hollow fiber core also helps with air circulation, keeping your finished items comfortable and enjoyable to use.

Despite its luxurious texture, the Bernat Blanket Crochet Yarn is easy to maintain, thanks to its machine washable properties. Simply toss it in the cool water delicate cycle to ensure your items stay as soft and cozy as the day they were made. This yarn is perfect for crafters of all skill levels, providing endless opportunities for creativity and self-expression.

As a craftsman, you will appreciate the beautiful, high-quality materials used in the Bernat Blanket Yarn. Its attractive appearance and pleasant texture make it an ideal choice for your next project, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional. So why not give it a try and see the stunning results for yourself?

Cloudy Day Yarn Parfait Chunky Yarn by Premier Yarns


As a crafter who appreciates a bulky yarn with excellent texture, the Cloudy Day Yarn Parfait Chunky was an absolute delight to work with. The soft, comfortable feel and vibrant colors provided a seamless knitting experience, and the machine washability was a huge plus. However, I did find that occasionally the yarn could fray or unravel when handled too forcefully, which can cause some frustration.

Overall, it’s a great yarn for those looking to create beautiful and cozy projects for children, but be prepared for a bit of extra care and attention when handling it.

Extra Thick Jumbo Polyester Yarn — Teal Ivy #7


I recently decided to try my hand at crocheting with Bernat Extra Thick Jumbo yarn in the beautiful teal shade. The yarn was easy to work with, creating a good texture and well-made squishy pieces. The blanket I made was very comfortable and stylish, perfect for snuggling on the couch or for a cozy indoor decoration.

One thing that stood out to me was the size of the yarn, which was quite large and bulky. I had to adjust my technique and crochet hook size to ensure the stitches were tight and not too loose. The thickness of the yarn did make the project come together faster as it covered a larger area with fewer stitches.

However, the yarn did have some issues with knots, which made it more time-consuming to work with. Despite the knots, the yarn created an attractive and comfortable blanket. I would recommend this yarn to those who are looking for an easy-to-work-with, plush material for their crochet projects.

Buyer’s Guide

Thick yarn, also known as bulky or chunky yarn, is a popular choice for those looking to create cozy and warm knits. This type of yarn is not only versatile but also comes in a wide range of fibers and colors. When choosing thick yarn, there are several important factors to consider, as well as general advice to make your knitting experience a success. Here’s a buyer’s guide to help you choose the perfect thick yarn for your next project.

Fiber Types

Thick yarn comes in various fiber types, such as wool, cotton, acrylic, alpaca, and others. Wool is a popular choice for its warmth and natural lanolin content, which helps protect the knitter’s hands during the process. It’s also hypoallergenic and can be machine washed. Cotton is an excellent choice for allergy-prone knitters and offers a cooler, airier option in the summer months. Acrylic is a synthetic fiber known for its affordability, ease of washing, and machine-washable properties. Alpaca is a luxurious fiber known for its softness and high warmth-to-weight ratio. Consider your personal preferences and the intended garment’s end use when selecting the fiber type.

Weight and Gauge

Thick yarn is usually categorized as bulky or chunky. Bulky yarn has a weight of 8–10 stitches per inch (spi) on a US size 9 (5.5mm) needle, while chunky yarn has a weight of 4–6 stitches per inch on a US size 8 (5mm) needle. Some thick yarns are even heavier, falling under the super bulky or extra chunky categories. Choosing the right weight and gauge will not only affect your knitting speed but also the resulting fabric’s texture and wear-resistance. Consider the size of your needles and the desired fabric weight for your project when selecting the appropriate yarn.

Color and Design

Thick yarn often comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, making it possible to create bold and eye-catching projects. Consider the project’s expected colors, if any, and choose a yarn that complements or matches the project’s existing colors. Some thick yarns even feature speckled or self-striping designs, which can create interesting patterns without requiring any additional stitchwork. When choosing a color or design, keep in mind the intended recipient or purpose of the project, as well as the overall mood you wish to evoke.

Considerations for Specific Knit Techniques

Thick yarns are ideally suited for various knit techniques, such as ribbing, cables, and fair isle. The bulky nature of the yarn can help create a sturdy fabric when using these techniques. However, it may be challenging to achieve fine details or delicate lace patterns with thick yarn. If you plan to use thick yarn for lace-making, consider using a thinner yarn as a contrasting element. Always consider the specific knit technique you plan to use when selecting the appropriate thick yarn.


What defines a bulky yarn?

Bulky yarn, also referred to as chunky yarn, is a type of yarn that boasts a thicker consistency than standard yarns. It is specifically designed to craft larger, substantive projects such as blankets, toys, scarves, or garments. The thickness of bulky yarn widely varies depending on the specific type, with most falling within the 4–10 wpi (wraps per inch) range or 8–30 needle size. This makes it an excellent choice for swifter, more simplified projects that still exude an impressive and polished appearance.

Despite being more costly than thinner yarns, bulky yarns provide numerous advantages. They can be simple for beginners to work with, they enable faster knitting, and they make splendid gifts or home décor items. Some bulky yarns are even fashioned from recycled materials, making them an eco-friendly alternative.

What diverse types of bulky yarn are accessible?

A multitude of bulky yarns are offered in the market, each with its own exclusive traits. A few common types include bulky yarn, chunky yarn, and super bulky yarn. Bulky yarn typically has a thickness of 4–6 wpi (wraps per inch) and is ideal for knitting sweaters and blankets. Chunky yarn, with a thickness of 7–10 wpi, is perfect for creating heavy, cozy garments and toys. Super bulky yarn, with a thickness of 10 wpi or higher, is frequently used for making large home decor items like throws and cushions.

Bulky yarn is also available in a vast array of fibers, including wool, cotton, acrylic, and synthetic blends. Some yarns are even manufactured from unusual materials like recycled plastic bottles or bamboo. This variety in materials ensures that there is a perfect bulky yarn for almost any project or preference.

How can one work with bulky yarns?

Adapting standard knit or crochet techniques is necessary to work with bulky yarns due to their thickness and weight. You may need to adjust your needle or hook size, use a yarn holder or an extra-long cord, and prepare for the yarn to be heavier in your hands. Be prepared for the yarn to consume more space in your project bag or suitcase as well. Remember, you may need to wash the completed project separately from other laundry to avoid shrinkage or damage.

It’s wise to swatch first with bulky yarn when using a particular pattern or gauge before beginning your main project. This will help prevent any unpleasant surprises and guarantee your project turns out as desired. Additionally, consider double crocheting or knitting your projects in the round to manage the thickness more easily.

What are some frequent uses of bulky yarns?

Bulky yarn is often used to create warm, inviting knitting or crochet projects such as blankets, sweaters, hats, and accessories. Many individuals also utilize bulky yarn for making toys, amigurumi (crocheted stuffed animals), pet blankets, and even large home decor items like throws and cushions. The versatility and speed that bulky yarns offer make them a popular choice for knitters and crocheters of all skill levels.

Bulky yarn can also be an excellent choice for upcycling or refurbishing old clothing or fabric. By unraveling and re-spinning discarded clothes or other materials, you can create your own unique, one-of-a-kind bulky yarn to knit or crochet with. This can be a fun, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective way to create fantastic projects using minimal resources.

What are some tips for selecting the right bulky yarn?

When choosing bulky yarn, there are a few key factors to consider. First, contemplate the desired end result of your project. If you’re creating a small toy or hat, for example, you may prefer a super bulky yarn, while a chunky yarn would be more suitable for a scarf or blanket. Pay close attention to the yarn’s thickness, as this can influence the final texture and appearance of your project.

Next, think about the fiber content of the yarn — it is essential to choose a yarn made from a material you are comfortable working with and that suits your project. If unsure about fiber content or yarn type, do not hesitate to ask the manufacturer or salesperson for more information.

What are some well-known brands of bulky yarns?

Numerous brands of bulky yarns are available in the market, each with its own unique style, quality, and pricing. Some popular brands include Lion Brand, Cascade Yarns, Caron, Red Heart, and Annie’s. These brands offer a variety of options for knitters and crocheters, ranging from budget-friendly choices to high-end, luxury yarns. Shopping around for the best value, color selection, and feel for your project is crucial in finding the perfect bulky yarn.

Note that while popular brands offer bulky yarns, there are also lesser-known brands that produce excellent bulky yarns. Do not be afraid to explore and try different yarns from various companies. This can open up more possibilities for your projects and help you discover your ideal yarn match.

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