Table Top Smokers

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14 min readJun 18, 2024


Indulge in the wonderful world of smoked delicacies with our collection of top tabletop smokers. Discover the best models that pack a punch when it comes to smoky flavor. From compact designs to full-featured options, we’ve rounded up the ultimate picks to elevate your cooking experience.

The Top 8 Best Table Top Smokers

  1. Stovetop Gourmet Mini Smoker with Wood Chips and Recipe Booklet — Indoor wood smoke flavor meets versatile cooking functionality in the Camerons Gourmet Mini Stovetop Smoker.
  2. Nordic Ware Personal Size Stovetop Kettle Smoker for Authentic Wood Smoke Flavor — Experience authentic wood-smoked flavors in under an hour with the versatile Nordic Ware Personal Size Stovetop Kettle Smoker, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
  3. Portable Wood Pellet Grill by Pit Boss — Savor mouthwatering wood-fired flavors on-the-go with the Pit Boss Portable 150 Wood Pellet Grill, featuring a generous cooking surface, easy-to-use digital controls, and a compact, stylish design perfect for outdoor adventures.
  4. Country Smokers Traveler — Portable Wood Pellet Grill for Outdoor Cooking — Experience the convenience and flavor of a wood pellet grill with the compact, portable Country Smokers Traveler Wood Pellet Grill, featuring easy digital temperature control, durable construction, and a sleek black exterior.
  5. USSC Grills USG295SS Stainless Steel Portable Tabletop Wood Pellet Grill for Outdoor Cooking — Experience versatile grilling with the USSC Grills USG295SS, featuring a 295 sq. in. cooking area, stainless steel design, and automatic temperature control, all conveniently portable and easy to use.
  6. Diamond King Mini Table Top Smoker & Cooker for Powerful Food Cooking — Transform your BBQ grill into a flavor-packed smoker within minutes with the Diamond King Smoker 247281 — perfect for enhancing the taste of your meat and elevating your outdoor cooking experience.
  7. Outset Portable Food Infusion Smoker: Elevate Flavor on the Go — Infuse rich flavors into your dishes with the portable Outset food smoker, featuring battery-operated convenience and precise heat controls for ultimate versatility.
  8. Little Chief Table Top Smoker — Experience the perfect blend of tradition and convenience with the Little Chief Top Load Electric Smoker, designed for outdoor use and providing consistent, low-temperature smoking with ease.

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Stovetop Gourmet Mini Smoker with Wood Chips and Recipe Booklet


I recently gave Camerons Products’ Gourmet Mini Stovetop Smoker a try for a week, and I must say, it was a pleasant experience overall. The smoker is compact and light enough to be carried around, making it a perfect addition to my kitchen. I found the stainless steel construction to be durable and easy to maintain, as there wasn’t any risk of it scratching or rusting.

One of the highlights of this product is its versatility. Not only can you smoke meat, fish, and vegetables, but it also doubles as a steamer, poacher, or roasting pan. My favorite thing about it was the sample wood chips and recipe booklet included, which made getting started a breeze. Plus, the fact that you can use this smoker indoors or outdoors is a great feature, especially during those chilly nights.

However, as with any product, there are a few cons I experienced as well. The drip tray wasn’t perfectly flat at the bottom, which made cleaning it a bit more challenging. This issue was further complicated by the bottom of the main pan bowing in slightly due to the heat. These issues were minor and didn’t affect the overall performance of the smoker, but they were worth mentioning.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend the Camerons Products’ Gourmet Mini Stovetop Smoker for anyone looking for an easy-to-use, portable, and flavorful cooking option. Despite the few downsides, the smoker made for some delicious meals, and the ease of use made it a go-to option for all my barbecue needs.

Nordic Ware Personal Size Stovetop Kettle Smoker for Authentic Wood Smoke Flavor


I recently discovered the Nordic Ware Personal Size Stovetop Kettle Smoker and I must say it has been a game-changer for me. I’ve been struggling to get that smoky flavor in my food, especially now that I live in an apartment and can’t use an outdoor grill. This little stovetop kettle smoker has been a lifesaver!

One of the things that stood out to me was how easy it was to use. It’s so simple that even someone like me, who is not particularly great with gadgets, could handle it with ease. I also appreciated that it’s small enough to be used on my stovetop, regardless of how crowded it might get with my other kitchen appliances.

However, I did notice that this smoker takes a little while to heat up, but it’s worth the wait once it does. The food I’ve smoked using it has come out perfectly tender and full of that delicious, smoky flavor. But be prepared for some cleanup time afterwards, because the smoker can be a bit difficult to clean.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this Nordic Ware Personal Size Stovetop Kettle Smoker to anyone who is looking to get that smoky flavor in their food without having to step outside. Just be prepared for the occasional frustration when it comes to cleaning up.

Portable Wood Pellet Grill by Pit Boss


I recently tried out the Pit Boss Tabletop Wood Pellet Grill Mahogany for a family gathering. I was really excited to see if it could deliver the bold wood-fired flavors that I’ve heard so much about. The first thing I noticed was how compact and portable it was. It was perfect for our small backyard gathering, and it didn’t take up much space at all.

I was impressed with the digital temperature control board, which made it easy to dial in the right heat for our food. It went from a cool 180 degrees Fahrenheit all the way up to a sizzling 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The grill also heated up quickly, so we didn’t have to wait long before we could start cooking.

The grilling space was ample, with over 250 square inches of porcelain-coated steel cooking space, which was enough to cook for a group of four people. The flame broiler lever was really useful, as it allowed us to switch between direct and indirect heat for different dishes.

One downside I noticed was that the build quality wasn’t the best. The plastic door handle for the pellet box was a bit flimsy, and the clips that were supposed to lock the lid closed didn’t quite fit as snugly as I would have liked. However, these minor issues didn’t affect the overall performance of the grill, and we were able to cook up some delicious meals without any problems.

Overall, I would say that the Pit Boss Tabletop Wood Pellet Grill Mahogany is a great addition to any backyard barbecue setup. It’s compact, portable, and delivers on its promise of delivering bold wood-fired flavors. Just be prepared to clean up a little extra pellet dust afterward, as it can sometimes fall through the auger.

Country Smokers Traveler — Portable Wood Pellet Grill for Outdoor Cooking


I recently tried the Country Smokers Traveler Wood Pellet Grill. First, let me just say I was blown away by the compact size and sleek design of this pellet griller. It has a black sand exterior which not only looks good but also seems pretty durable.

The grill has a 256 square inch cooking surface, which seems small at first, but in my experience, I was able to grill quite a bit in the little space. The cooking capability is quite impressive, offering a cooking range of 180–500 degrees F with just the push of a button.

One of the highlights for me was the control type–dial-in digital. It made temperature regulation extremely easy and convenient. However, there was a slight downside as the pellets burnt quite easily as compared to other pellet grills I’ve used.

The one thing that did put a little damper on my experience was the assembly process. It seemed that a few parts were not lined up correctly making the assembly a bit tricky.

All in all, this is a great portable pellet smoker. It’s relatively easy to set up and operate, and once up and running, it delivers pretty good results. A few minor adjustments and I think this could be a fantastic addition to anyone’s outdoor cooking repertoire.

And for those looking for a space-saving pellet grill, this could very well be the perfect option. While there’s some work to be had when it comes to assembly, one can easily get over it for the convenience and compactness this grill offers.

USSC Grills USG295SS Stainless Steel Portable Tabletop Wood Pellet Grill for Outdoor Cooking


I recently had the chance to try out the USSC Grills USG295SS Stainless Steel Portable Tabletop Wood Pellet Grill, and let me tell you, it was a game-changer for my backyard barbecues. The grill’s compact and portable design made it incredibly easy to set up and move around, making it perfect for tailgating or any outdoor event.

One of the highlights for me was the grill’s convenient features, like the meat probe with holder, smaller grate attachment to keep food warm, and digital thermostat with LED controls. These made it incredibly easy to track and monitor the temperature of my food, ensuring that every dish came out perfectly cooked.

Another major plus was the grill’s durability. The corrosion-resistant stainless-steel lid and pellet hopper meant that I didn’t have to worry about the grill getting damaged by the elements. It also made cleaning up a breeze, as the stainless steel lid ensured consistent heat in all weather conditions.

However, there were a couple of drawbacks that I encountered. For one, the grill’s small size meant that I could only cook for a small group of people at a time. Additionally, while the automatic ignition was simple and convenient, it sometimes took a few tries to get the grill going.

Overall, I would highly recommend the USSC Grills USG295SS Stainless Steel Portable Tabletop Wood Pellet Grill to anyone looking for a convenient and durable outdoor cooking solution. With its hardwood flavor and innovative features, it’s the perfect addition to any backyard barbecue.

Diamond King Mini Table Top Smoker & Cooker for Powerful Food Cooking


The Diamond King Smoker 247281 is a game-changer in the world of BBQ, transforming any grill into a powerful wood smoker. Designed with heavy-duty stainless steel, this multi-functional cooker creates the perfect heat and smoke, enhancing the flavor of your meat with ease.

Its compact size and versatility make it a great addition to any outdoor cookout, promising a more enjoyable and flavorful BBQ experience. With its manual power source, it’s simple to use and creates an unforgettable taste for your dishes.

Outset Portable Food Infusion Smoker: Elevate Flavor on the Go


The Outset Portable Food Infusion Smoker is a versatile and convenient tool for adding rich smoky flavors to a variety of dishes. With a 3.4-star rating and 7 reviews, its greatest strengths include its ease of use and temperature regulation.

Boasting a compact size, this smoker makes it easy to smoke fish, meat, vegetables, desserts, beverages, and cocktails right at home. Its battery-operated design allows for portable usage both indoors and outdoors. The smoker features a built-in stand for comfortable, one-handed operation and can be used with a range of wood smoking chips, teas, spices, Hay, dried flowers, and herbs.

Its sleek black design blends seamlessly into any outdoor living space, while its small footprint ensures easy storage and transport. The smoker is straightforward to disassemble without tools and can be wiped clean using a damp cloth.

Despite its minor drawbacks, the Outset Portable Food Infusion Smoker is a must-have for foodies and cocktail enthusiasts seeking to elevate their cooking and beverage creations.

Little Chief Table Top Smoker


I recently gave the Little Chief Top Load Electric Smoker a try, and I must say, it’s a fantastic contraption for backyard barbecues. The easy-slide chrome-plated grills made it a breeze to load up the 4-rack system, even if it required a bit of arm strength. The grill racks can hold up to 25 pounds of meat or fish, which is perfect for a small gathering.

The simple setup of this electric smoker is another major plus, with an included digital thermometer that helps maintain a consistent temperature. However, I found that at 165 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s best suited for smoking foods, not for cooking them. Patience is indeed the key to success when using this slow-cooking method.

Adding flavour to your smoked meats and fish is a cinch with the included wood flavour tray, and the included bag of wood chips is a generous touch. The embossed aluminum construction is impressive, and the dishwasher safe drip pan makes for easy cleanup. The fact that it’s made for outdoor use only is a reminder that this smoker is best enjoyed in a backyard setting.

Overall, the Little Chief Top Load Electric Smoker is a great choice for those looking to enjoy traditional smoking methods with the convenience of modern technology. It’s certainly a winner in the realm of portable smokers, with its solid construction and ease of use.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our buyer’s guide for table top smokers. This guide will help you understand the important features and considerations when purchasing a table top smoker. We will also provide general advice to ensure your experience with this product is enjoyable and successful.

Size and Capacity

Consider the table space available in your home and the size of the table top smoker that will fit comfortably. Smaller smokers may be more suitable if you have limited space. However, if you plan to smoke larger quantities of food, you may want to opt for a larger smoker with a greater cooking capacity.

Ease of Use

A table top smoker should be easy to use and maintain. Look for smokers with user-friendly features such as digital temperature controls, clear gauges, and easy access to key components like the water pan and wood chip tray. Additionally, consider the ease of cleaning and maintenance, as this will impact your overall experience.

Materials and Construction

The materials and construction of a table top smoker can impact its durability, insulation, and heat retention. Look for smokers made from heavy-gauge stainless steel or cast iron, as these materials can provide better heat distribution and retain heat for longer cooking times. Additionally, ensure the smoker has a well-insulated body to maintain temperature consistency and prevent heat loss.

Smoke Quality

The quality of smoke produced by a table top smoker can significantly impact the flavor of your food. Look for smokers with adjustable air vents and temperature controls, as these features allow you to control the smoking process and achieve the desired flavor profile. Additionally, consider smokers with a built-in chimney, as this can help regulate smoke production and improve overall smoking performance.


What is a Table Top Smoker?

A Table Top Smoker is a compact and portable smoker designed for smoking food indoors. It is placed on a tabletop, allows for temperature control, and can be used to smoke a variety of foods, including meats, fish, and vegetables. These smokers are convenient for those who live in apartments or have limited outdoor space.

Table Top Smokers are generally smaller in size than traditional standalone smokers, making them ideal for those with limited storage space. They can also be an excellent choice for beginners who are new to smoking and want an easy-to-use, cost-effective option for experimenting with different smoked dishes.

How does a Table Top Smoker work?

Table Top Smokers work by utilizing a smoking process called cold smoking, which is a slower, lower-temperature smoking method. The smoker is filled with wood chips or sawdust, which are burned to produce smoke. The smoke fills the chamber, where the food is placed, and infuses the food with its smoky flavor. The food is usually placed in a pan or on a rack inside the smoker.

Most Table Top Smokers come with a temperature control dial, allowing you to adjust the heat to achieve the desired smoking temperature. The food is typically smoked for a few hours, and the smoker’s insulation helps to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the process. Once the smoking is complete, the food is ready to be enjoyed.

What types of food can I smoke with a Table Top Smoker?

Table Top Smokers can smoke a wide variety of foods, making them a versatile choice for any home chef. Some popular options include fish (such as salmon or trout), chicken, turkey, beef, pork (like ham or bacon), sausage, and even fruits and vegetables (like asparagus or apples). The smoker can also be used to smoke cheese, nuts, and other small items.

For best results, choose foods that are high in fat, as it helps to preserve the food during the smoking process. It’s essential to prepare the food properly before smoking, as some foods may require brining or marinating to achieve the desired flavor and texture. Experimenting with different recipes and ingredients can help you determine which foods you enjoy smoking most.

How do I clean and maintain my Table Top Smoker?

To clean and maintain your Table Top Smoker, follow these steps:

  1. Allow the smoker to cool down completely before use. 2. Remove any ashes or wood chips from the smoker’s base. 3. Wipe down the smoker’s exterior with a damp cloth to remove any residue or grease. 4. Clean the food pan or rack using dish soap and warm water, ensuring no trapped grease remains.

It’s essential to keep your Table Top Smoker in good working order by performing regular maintenance. Check the temperature gauge and ensure it’s functioning correctly. Replace worn-out electrical parts, such as the heating element, as needed. Store the smoker in a cool, dry place when not in use to prevent rust and maintain its quality.

What are the benefits of using a Table Top Smoker?

Using a Table Top Smoker offers several benefits, including:

  1. Convenience: These smokers can be used indoors, making them ideal for apartment dwellers or those without a large outdoor space. 2. Versatility: Table Top Smokers can smoke a wide variety of foods, allowing you to experiment with different recipes and flavors.
  2. Cost-effective: These smokers are generally more affordable than traditional standalone smokers, making them an excellent choice for those on a budget. 4. Easy to use: Most Table Top Smokers are user-friendly, with adjustable temperature controls and minimal assembly required. 5. Time-saving: The smoking process can take several hours, but with a Table Top Smoker, you can control the temperature and achieve consistent results without constantly monitoring the smoker.

What should I consider when purchasing a Table Top Smoker?

When purchasing a Table Top Smoker, consider the following factors:

  1. Size: Choose a smoker that fits comfortably on your countertop and has enough space for the size of food items you want to smoke. 2. Temperature control: Look for a smoker that has an adjustable temperature control, allowing you to achieve the desired smoking temperature.
  2. Warranty: Check if the smoker comes with a warranty, ensuring protection against any manufacturing defects. 4. Reviews: Read customer reviews to gauge the smoker’s performance, ease of use, and durability. 5. Price: Determine your budget and find a smoker that provides the necessary features without breaking the bank.

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